Testimonies from Malawi

A 12 year old boy who was healed in 2006 of epilepsy and a paralysed arm.

A 12 year old boy who was healed in 2006 of epilepsy and a paralysed arm.

“My husband had been very cruel to me since we got married 10 years ago, but having attended the marriage Seminar and been prayed for, we have never quarreled as used to do. Now we are living happily,” Mrs Chisomo Banda, Area 25 B.

I have been blind for 12 years. Could not read and write or trace a person sitting next to me. I thank God that when Evangelist Richard prayed for me (I) am totally healed. I can now read my Bible and identify people even from afar.” Mike Chintengo, Area 25 A.

HIV no longer

“I was tested HIV positive twice since 2005. When I heard that Evangelist Richard is coming to Malawi, I believed to receive my miracle. I was one of them that were prayed for. Last week when I went for a check up, no sign of HIV was found. I was tested negative.” Symon Makata Mgona

A gift of life

“We have lived for 8 years in our family without the gift of a child. When the man of God prayed for us, a miracle happed. The doctors surprised us two days ago that my wife is pregnant now. Thanks to Pastor Richard and his team for coming to Malawi. Mr and Mrs Jack Ngombe.” Area 49.

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