Action in Malawi

Richard’s first visit with a team to Malawi in 2006 involved running a conference and outreach in Lilongwe, the capital, and in villages elsewhere in the nation.

This first outreach in Lilongwe resulted in 140 new converts and a new local church was formed.

Each year since, teams have gone for two to three weeks at a time, working with more than one church grouping.  Currently we have close links with the Presbyterian church in Malawi (Church of Central Africa Presbyterian).  Frank Kuseni who is a leading lay member in that church, as well as being a former Member of Parliament, is helping us with organising the missions and being an ambassador for the school (link).

These missions have involved running crusades and conferences, holding prison visits and ministering in local churches.  Much of the work has been in Lilongwe but some has been in outlying villages and also in Blantyre.

In 2008 Good Hope Free Primary School was founded as a Christian school for poor children in a township area on the edge of Lilongwe. This has grown and now has around 350 pupils.

Recent news about our work in Malawi

Solar panels - Because the electricity supply in Malawi is very poor we have decided to equip the school with its own power supply by using solar power.
Magazine September 2015 - The September 2015 magazine has just been published, with important news about our new charity status, and updates on this summer's mission in Malawi and on Good Hope Primary School.
New block - April 2014 School building update - The new school block is well on its way, thanks to some significant gifts and fundraising. There's still a way to go, but we're hoping that it will all be ready for use by September.
Mission in Malawi 2014 - Details of Reaper Ministries' forthcoming mission in Malawi
The school garden School improvements - Good Hope School receives a new substantial monthly donation, and opens a shop for local people.
Frank & Miriam Kuseni Frank & Miriam Kuseni’s visit to the UK - Our prime contacts in Malawi, Frank & Miriam, travel to the UK to meet and inspire supporters.