How it all began

Reaper Ministries was born after Richard attended Good News Crusade’s Evangelism Training course in 1996. GNC is the ministry of International Evangelist Don Double and Richard went on a visit to Romania with Don in 1996.

Romanian Aid Team

The Romania aid team and vehicles in 1997. Use of the vans was donated by a local hire company.


In 1997 Richard took a team and four vehicles loaded with aid to a hospital in Ploiesti, Romania. A relationship was formed with a church and orphanage in Romania and over a period of five years Richard visited Romania usually every six months, taking gifts to the orphanage and ministering in local churches.


In 1999 we received a request from a Pastor in India and over a period of nine months had discussions which culminated in a visit by Richard in 2000. We made visits every year until 2005, with various people accompanying Richard. We hope that further missions will take place in future to fulfil requests from churches there.


In April 2006 Richard Trotter led a team of 5 to Malawi for the first time to fulfil an invitation from a network of churches based in Lilongwe, the capital. Each year since teams have gone for two to three weeks working with various church groupings.

The 2013 team

The 2013 team

These missions have involved running crusades and conferences, holding prison visits and ministering in local churches.  Much of the work has been in Lilongwe but some has been in outlying villages and also in and around Blantyre in the south of the country.In 2008 Good Hope Free Primary School was founded as Christian school for poor children in a township area on the edge of Lilongwe. This has grown and now has around 350 pupils.