School building update

In the last newsletter we reported that the temporary classroom at the bottom of the site had been started and that this was to be converted into a larger block. The photo below shows progress so far.

There are now the shells of two classrooms and a staff room (nearest the camera) and the money donated up till last week has paid for what you see in that photo, plus some other materials yet to be used.

New block - April 2014

New block – April 2014

On Wednesday (23rd) we were handed a large gift plus some money from fundraising events. This has come just in time to continue the progress and so we see the hand of God in this and praise Him for it. We are still checking out whether the money that has now come in will be sufficient to complete the building. One of the problems at present is that building material prices are going up all the time in Malawi along with many other things.

One classroom (and the staff room) will be used immediately on completion and the other will start being used in September (the new term). This will need some ongoing funding to pay for extra staff plus we need some funding for furniture for all three rooms. (In the meantime the children will have to sit on the floor). This and many other issues will be discussed in detail during the forthcoming mission visit with the rest of the team to Malawi (May 28th – June 12th).

On behalf of Reaper Ministries and the staff and children of Good Hope School, I would like to thank you for your prayers and financial support – both are vital and much appreciated.

John Webster. Chair of the Trust

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