Beating Cancer

Testimony of Carol Downham of Belper Community Church

Carol Downham

Carol Downham

In 1993 I had an operation in which the surgeon’s found a growth in the womb area and would require a further operation to remove it. I was later informed that the growth was a rare form of cancer and could only be removed by surgery.

The good news was that the surgeon had taken samples around the infected area and found no trace of cancer cells. The surgery was successful and I was discharged from hopsital and told to go home and carry on with life.

Some eighteen months later I had pains in my abdomen which my GP thought was irritable bowel syndrome. A few months later I had very severe pains and was rushed into Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kings Lynn with suspected appendicitis.

The surgeon found cancerous growths that had spread through the peritoneum and lymph glands. Several nodules were removed, but the surgeon was unable to do anymore.

I was placed in a acute surgical ward and given morphine. I was told by the specialist at Addenbrookes hospital that there were no available treatments for this cancer and I only had 4 to 6 months to live. I was given the opportunity to consult any specialist with the NHS. I chose Marsden but they were unable to help. Finally I consulted a specialist in Derby who recommended as a long shot a particular chemo-therapy, this was an extremely toxic chemical that had only been used once before to no avail. This treatment was administered by Dr Wheeler at Cambridge since there was no alternative.

It was at the time of my treatment that a healing service was organised by my local Anglican minister Alan Cochrane, The service was held at All Saints, Hilgay in Norfolk.

Bishop Barnes conducted the service. I was anointed with oils and the laying on of hands. The whole experience was beautiful and moving.

After several months I was informed by Dr Wheeler that the growths had gone but the cancer cells remained, There was some disbelief in my recovery and for several years I was given scans every six months. I have been given an open appointment by Dr Wheeler who refered to me as his miracle lady and Bishop Barnes said this has changed his life.

Thank you Lord!

Testimony of Michael Bushby

Michael Bushby

Michael Bushby

My name is Michael Bushby and I live in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear. On 1st may 2013, at the age of 50, I was diagnosed with stage 4 non-Hodgkins lymphoma. I clearly remember the day I was given the news by my doctor because she didn’t hold back or mess around: “You have cancer and there is no cure for your condition!”

I don’t know how I was meant to feel when I was given this news, but I can honestly say I felt no fear!

The word cancer did scare me a little however, my mind was drawn to the woman with the issue of blood who said if I can just touch the hem of his garment I will be made whole! I had no idea at the time that non-Hodgkins lymphoma is cancer of the blood and yet this story flashed before my very eyes when I was given my diagnosis!

No cure I thought? I know what I have to do now! I kept my mind stayed upon God’s word because the bible is full of healing promises and God is no liar. I’d heard so many times that God heals the sick and so it was my turn to claim this promise.

I called the leaders of my church and other Christian friends to enlist support and prayers and I confessed God’s word daily.

My treatment began in June 2013 after extensive tests, scans and bone marrow samples were taken to establish the stage of my cancer. I received 6 cycles of strong chemotherapy and other drugs with my last session in October 2013.

I was never afraid of the chemotherapy because I acknowledged the treatment as part of God’s plan for my healing. Every time I received chemo I would thank God for his healing provision and I would declare that by his grace and mercy I am healed. Whenever I received the chemotherapy I would command the cancer cells to die and I would confess that there would be no adverse side effects from the treatments. I never once lost my appetite during the treatment and I never lost an ounce in weight – praise God !

I received my last scan in October 2013 and the news that I am now in remission. Every visit to hospital, every treatment I received, every nurse I spoke to and every report I received were all part of the crowd I had to press through to touch the hem of his garment because I never once took my eyes off Jesus ! He is the same yesterday, today and forever and what he did for the woman with the issue of blood 2000 years ago he can do for us today because he died on the cross to cleanse, heal and forgive.

I struggle to think how difficult my journey would have been without my faith because without a faith, whom can one turn to? I walked in faith and felt a great sense of peace from a God who loves all !

In closing I would personally like to thank my dear friend and brother Richard Trotter from Reaper Ministries. Richard was a great listening ear when I needed support and his prayers and messages of faith would often come when my battle was intensified with extra treatments and other problems.

I recall receiving a text from Richard on the day I was diagnosed, which simply said fear not, I believe you will come through this ! How timely this message was and I would ofen turn to it when I faced the scans, tests and specialists. My beloved brother Richard, I thank God because you took hold of my hand and walked the journey with me!

One thought on “Beating Cancer

  1. Lawrence Jerahuni

    I praise Jesus for my brother & friend Michael !
    I glorify God Almighty for the power of healing that’s in the blood of Jesus. I give honour to the Prince of Piece, the Root of the tribe of David, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Bright Morning Star . . . King Jesus.
    Thank u for setting Michael free from the bondage of illness !
    God bless u brother !

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