Testimonies from Mvera

Frank Kuseni made a special trip out to the rural area of Mvera to collect testimonies from the team’s visits over two days to the area. Mvera is a CCAP (Presbyterian) mission centre with a church that is one of the old- est in Malawi – being over 130 years old. Near the church are schools and in the surrounding villages are ‘prayer houses’ where normal Sun- day services are held.

We saw the hand of God in this visit coming to fruition. Frank had raised enough money for one airfare but was unable to get more money until a visit to the State President’s office resulted in the second ticket being funded by the President herself (Mrs Joyce Banda). This was actually organised by the President’s husband and the presentation of the tickets a week or so later is shown in the photo below.

The numbers of students and staff prayed for at the secondary schools ran into hundreds. According to teachers from each of the schools, there was a drastic improvement in behaviour among the students. They said that this showed that the prayers and ministering by the combined team (from the UK and locally) has had a remarkable impact on the lives of most of the students who attended the session. Indeed many gave their lives to Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

The story does not end there! The flights were booked but then the visas were blocked – probably as a result of the tightening up on visas by the British government. To get them their visas we had to write a more extensive letter, plus providing photos of the Kusenis with the team in Malawi and at the school, and, probably more importantly, a supporting letter was supplied by the Presi- dent’s office.

At the prayer houses, elders gave Frank the names of 50 people who testified to healing, plus others who testified to rededication of life to Christ. This, however, was far from being all those that God ministered to.

As a result the visit planned for June had to be delayed till September.

Example of healing include – diabetes, liver and kidney problems, heart palpitations, pneumonia, asthmatic cough, mental problems, TB & chest pains, arthritis, gout / joint pains, skin disease, and malaria. Also an epileptic child was healed.

While in the UK they first visited Gateshead for a few days and ministered in song and in the Word there.

One particular example was Frank’s mother (Maness) who got an instant healing from pains in both knees and she is now walking well with- out feeling any pains at all.

Frank commented ‘It was indeed a new experience for the people at the Prayer Houses to see azungu (white people) praying for their free- dom and relief from the pains, illnesses, curses and general daily problems’.

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